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Overview of classes in Project Ember.

Classes in Project Ember

Project Ember introduces a few new classes to the game, along with multiple sprite updates. The weaker classes have been tuned up in an effort to make all classes viable, in particular Knights and Generals now move at the same pace as other infantry classes. Bows have also been buffed to all be 2-3 range (with the Longbow being like a siege tome) to make the Archer line more useful.

Other than buffs and new additions, the class system remains relatively unchanged. No new promotion items have been added, with the most significant difference being that Roy can promote like any other unit using a Knight Crest.

Page Contents

This page lists all classes in Project Ember, organized into unpromoted and promoted classes. The differences between male/female classes are not listed here, click into an individual class to see that data.

Project EmberProject Ember